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Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry, USA


Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry, USA (SOBEM USA) is an independent evangelical organization that does not belong to any one denomination or association. It is comprised of enthusiastic brothers and sisters who take on the responsibility of evangelism. Co-workers and members must be Christians with a calling to share the gospel.


SOBEM USA is completely independent financial organization that is  supported by donations from various churches and individual believers. The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making group of the organization and appoints the Director-General to carry out and promote various ministries.

Our Mission

Using media to spread the gospel of Christ to Chinese people all over the world.

Display the Lord's grace through life stories and testimonies on traditional television broadcasting and online media platforms.

Create and distribute evangelistic tools through SOBEM programs for churches and missionaries.

Care for the spiritual needs of the community through the phone and online services. Lead community members to Christ and give referrals to churches.

Present SOBEM programs to various large gatherings including concerts, sharing sessions and plays, etc. to further share the gospel.

Our Team

Board Members


Thomas Fong


Alicia Chan

Maisie Lee Chan

Lily Wang

Gilbert Lee

Andrew Lei

Albert Lin

Wilson Young

John Fang

Advisory Members:

Kenneth Yeung

Eric Chau

Stephen Woo

Bik Sum Lee

Gibson Lam


Kitty Lo

Wai Lau

Kwong Yip

Christino Cai

Crystal Mak

Supporting Staff

Liyen Lin

For English Speakers:

asiam full logo dark grey yellow.png

Showers of Blessing, USA has an English branch called

As I Am Media

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